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Matt's Experience

The Short Version

Companies I have worked with

Freight Logistics Company
Supporting 100 users over 8 different sites
Upgrading server infrastructure
Deploying data cabling & fibre
Solicitors in Birmingham
Supporting 45 users over 4 different sites
Managing Server Infastructure
Shopping Centre in Cheltenham
Deployed Managed WiFi
Implemented Data Capture Solution

General Experience

I have worked in a mid sized IT business for over 13 years, and the acting Managing Director for the last 3 years.  In June 2020 I made the decision to pursue my dream of building my own business focusing on modern IT.

In my previous role I worked with businesses that were usually 10 - 30 employees in size, therefore my experience has been managing, supporting and consulting with small to medium businesses and their IT systems for over a decade.

My roles in IT

IT Technical Engineer  -  5 Years

WiFi & CCTV Consultant  -  3 Years

IT Account Manager  -  2 Years

IT Consultant  -  2 Years

Managing Director  - 3 Years

The Long Version

The early years

Matt grew up around computers from a very early age,  with his Dad owning a computer business before he was born it was inevitable. Matt had a personal computer since before he can remember, what he does remember is using command line, in fact you had to load windows via the ‘win’ command to actually use the early version of windows (see image).

The passion for technology was embedded at a very early age, the mix of being a logical thinker and being left to tinker with his own PC set a spark that still remains to date.

Matt had the opportunity to work at the business in the summary holidays in his early teens. He idolised the tech team and couldn’t get enough of their IT knowledge.

13 years in the IT industry

After Matt completed his education he joined the family IT business as a technical engineer, and soon after began completing Microsoft certifications in the effort to upskill.
IT had moved on significantly and he felt the pressure to learn and catchup, by this point there were around 15 IT engineers he could learn from and the business had around 40 employees.

Several years later, the next step for Matt was a surprising one, his Dad suggested there was an opportunity to grow the data communications business. To work with data cabling, managed wireless and audio/visual solutions for schools. But before he could jump into this role, he had to prove himself as a telemarketer. A brutal role change, techie to sales in a hearbeat, this was a tough transition but before long he was a member of the data team.
Matt worked with many schools and shopping centres over the years as a technical consultant and solution designer, primarily focusing on managed wireless and CCTV.

But while Matt was busy in his own world, the business had taken a turn for the worse. Some poor decisions had been made that resulted in a series of business liquidations for the 5 companies his Dad owned. The business overnight had shrunk from 80 people to 15. Matt had been a director at this time so had to be involved at the liquidator meetings and watch his friends get made redundant.

Very quickly Matt had to grow up, suddenly he had to chip in to help save the business. With no IT account managers anymore who was going to help the IT business carry on?
Matt visited every single client, explained the situation and re-negotiated the IT contracts to suit both parties. He decided to offer monthly rolling contracts instead of the 3 year pay up front as previous.

The next few years flew by, Matt passed the account management positions to the two lead technical consultants and assisted his Dad on running the photocopier side of the business.

At this stage Matt was now fully invovled in the day to day operations of the business, from managing the property portfolio, to staff appraisals and everything in between.

An opportunity arose for Matt to take lead position as head of the IT business, an offer that he had been longing for since moving out of the technical team all those years ago, Matt jumped at the chance.
Before Matt eventually left his Dads companies, he had a fantastic opportunity to start implementing his vision for the IT business. He wanted to embrace more cloud technology and rebuild the team to the strength of before.

Lockdown changed everything, a fundamental disagreement found Matt abruptly walking away from the business. But he couldn’t walk away from his passion, the desire to run a cloud based IT business was too strong. This is where the Cloud Top Technology story begins, read below to see how it began.

Cloud Top Technology's Story


Matt had all the passion in the world, but was trapped in a role where he couldn’t truly spread his wings due to conflicting opinions.

Seeing no future where he was, the decision to walk was a tough one. Matt decided to leave everything behind and step into the unknown without a plan.

The Idea

After a little soul searching and exploring a few different routes forward, Matt had a single idea which he couldn’t shake.

What if he took his dream of running a cloud based IT business, but did it himself?

With his previous experience under his belt and with just the shell of an idea, Matt decided to set himself into motion...


Knowing he wanted a cloud based business the first challenge was a name. Matt was looking for some inspiration and then it hit him, he lives in Clows Top, and thus Cloud Top Technology was born.

Setting up the company was easy enough with his wife being a qualified accountant. Matt knew he needed to brand his business, with a little dabble in Adobe Illustrator he was able to build the logo you can see today.

Training & Partnerships

With the business now formed and the brand built, it was time to start putting all of his energy into training.

After months of intense learning Matt set himself a few challenges, he wanted to get re-qualified in Microsoft and start getting up to date certifications. He also needed to setup some business partnerships to deliver the core solutions.

Fast forward to today and Matt is still learning and researching every day.
Technology is contantly evolving and is extremely broad, and so the training will never stop.


Thank you for reading this far, if you have read our story I am sure you understand how passionate we are about technology.

Please have a further look around this website, I will be posting regular(ish) blogs and updating the services and problems we solve on the relevant pages.

We are quite active on LinkedIn and Twitter, to connect click the links at the bottom of the page.

We hope you get in touch with us and join us on our journey.

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